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Spatial extension for Talend


What it does?

Transform and Integrate Data Between Geographic Information Systems

Spatial extension for Talend is a powerful ETL based on Talend Enterprise Data Integration extending its capabilities toward geospatial information.

Talend provides integration solutions that truly scale for any type of integration challenge, any volume of data, and any scope of project, no matter how simple or complex. Talend’s highly scalable data, application and business processes integration platform leverages all information assets and accelerates dramatically the time-to-value of integration. Ready for big data, Talend’s flexible architecture easily adapts to future IT platforms. A common set of easy-to-use tools implemented across all Talend products maximizes the skills of integration teams, too. Unlike vendors offering closed and disjointed solutions, Talend offers an open and flexible platform, supported by a predictable subscription model.

How it works?

Bridging robust Open Source geospatial librairies for efficient data management

The spatial extension use GeoTools, GDAL/OGR, Java Topology Suite for reading and writing GIS formats and for processing features.

What are the supported formats?

Main GIS formats including PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, ESRI Shapefile, MIF/MID, GPX, KML, ... and OGR vector formats are available.

What are the supported transformations?

Common GIS operations are available like buffer, centroïd, inside point, area, length, distance, intersection, union, envelope, boundary, convex hull, difference, clip, simplify, ...

What else?

User benefits from the large panel of components available in Talend Data Integration and can easily interact with all type of data sources (eg. databases, XML or SOAP web services, JSON). It also support GIS data management functionnalities dealing with data publication and metadata crawling and publisher:

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